Why is wick trimming so important? ........and other candle care tips

Updated: Jan 21

Here at Blugrass Candles we are passionate about our products, taking great care to bring you beautiful candles that will burn perfectly. Here we have put together some hints and tips about how to keep your candles looking as beautiful as the day you bought them.


Keeping your wick trimmed to 5mm will help to prolong the life of the candle by up to 25%, as well as giving a cleaner burn. (Leaving the wick untrimmed results in a larger flame, giving the candle more fuel and melting the wax faster. This larger amount of fuel leads to incomplete combustion, which results in more soot and a black and dirty candle container. Long wicks also tend to curl on the top as they burn, creating an uneven shape that flickers around and worsens the formation of soot. (Soot is created when the wick starts to burn itself))

Tip no. 2: DO allow it to burn for approximately 2-3 hours when first lit, or until the whole of the first layer of wax becomes liquid, and then re-solidifies. If you don't burn the candle for long enough, only the area immediately around the wick will melt which can lead to tunneling, where a layer of wax is left around the inside of the jar.

Tip no. 3: DO NOT burn the candle for longer than 4 hours at a time. The wax becomes over heated, reducing the candle's scent throw. It also creates smoke, which leaves the container dirty and affects the scent. Extinguish the candle, allow to cool, trim the wick to 5mm and relight

Tip no. 4: DO straighten the wick if it moves or bends over. If the wick moves to one side of the jar during burning, extinguish the flame and allow it to cool. Then gently nudge the wick to straighten it back into an upright position again. Keeping the wick trimmed short will help prevent it from falling sideways.

Tip no. 5: DO Keep your burning candle away from draughty areas. Draughts and breezes cause the candle to burn unevenly and can even blow the flame out completely. Keep away from vents, open windows, air conditioning units and fans etc.

Tip no. 6: DO Keep the top of your candle clean and dust free. Unless you burn your candle regularly, the top will gather dust and other particles which will dirty the wax and affect the way the candle burns. Store it in a cupboard, or be sure to replace the lid (if it has one) to keep the top clean. If it does get dusty, simply wipe gently with a clean damp cloth before lighting it again.

Tip no. 7: DO clean soot marks off the glass. If your wick does become too long, use a damp cloth and a small amount of soap to gently run the soot off from around the sides of the jar. Allow to dry completely before lighting the candle again.

Tip no. 8: DO Say Goodbye to your candle when the wax reaches 5mm from the bottom of the container. Allowing the candle to burn itself out can cause it to become extremely hot.

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