Updated: Jan 21

Common problems with candles include the wax not melting right to the edge of the container (known in the industry as tunneling), poor fragrance throw and black sooty marks up the walls where the candle has been burning.

Tunneling usually occurs when the wrong sized wick has been used for the container. Here at Blugrass we carefully test our wicks to check that the size of an established melt pool will match that of the container, giving a clean and consistent burn without leaving wasted wax around the sides of the jar.

As for the fragrance throw, this depends on the type of wax used and the ratio of fragrance oil to wax. Again, at Blugrass we are constantly researching and testing to find the best fragrance load for the wax we use.

Do you get tired of cleaning sooty marks off the walls of your house where your candles have been? There are two main reasons for this happening. The main cause is when the wax contains paraffin - albeit 100% paraffin, or a blend of paraffin and soy, inevitably there will be black soot marks left after the candle has been extinguished. The other main cause for wisps of black soot come when the candle wick is not trimmed regularly, which is covered in a separate section of our blog.

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